Trade with China [1]

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to open trade links with China when they secured territorial rights at Macao in 1557.   The first British attempt to open trade negotiations with China was made in 1637 at Canton with the locals on behalf of the East India Company.  However, on account of fierce resistance from the Chinese officials Captain Weddell was forced to leave the country without any commercial success on that occasion...

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Trade with China [2]

In September 1793 McCartney was finally granted an audience with the Emperor to whom he presented the valuable gifts and a letter from George III, in which he requested permission from the Emperor to establish a British Resident Minister in Peking in charge of overseeing trading affairs. During the interview, the child Staunton was an instant star, who delighted the elderly Emperor with his fluent spoken Chinese...

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Trade with China [3]

In 1833 the jealously-protected monopoly of the East India Company was finally abolished and the China trade was opened to the competition of dozens of British companies, who had been petitioning the government and lobbying members of Parliament for free trade for years.

Shortly after the end of their monopoly the East India Company found that the opium traffic had become the sole profitable business for some British companies in southern China...

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